Trident T64

Enterprise Asset Management System for Air Services

Trident T64 is a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management System used in Air Services for facilitating the operation and management of civilian and defence air traffic control systems.

Manage the entire asset lifecycle efficiently – airport infrastructure, fleet transport facilities and building assets – with real-time visibility into asset performance and powerful analytics.

With Trident T64 it’s easier to optimise asset usage, shrink costs, better manage capital expenditures, and ultimately maximise your return on assets.

Main features and functional modules

✔︎ Diverse asset hierarchy and services matrix
✔︎ Incident register – help desk
✔︎ Preventive and reactive maintenance
✔︎ Craft skills and certifications
✔︎ Stores and inventory management
✔︎ Purchasing – local and international
✔︎ Property management
✔︎ Fleet management
✔︎ Financials – real-time, multiple cost components and GLs
✔︎ Domain specific analysis and reporting
✔︎ Robust 3rd party integration – internal and external, IoT
✔︎ Multi-dimensional security model
✔︎ Notifications, alerts and data audit
✔︎ Local and cloud deployment options

Diverse asset hierarchy and services matrix

● Multi-level organisational structure:

o Divisions, Zones, Sectors
o Business Units, Locations and Workshops

● Multi-level equipment (asset) hierarchy:

o Physical structure – systems, subsystems and rotables
o Logical structure – operational services
o Cross-reference matrix links physical and logical structure
o Redundancy and backup infrastructure

Incident register – help desk

● Multiple ways of recording incidents
● Complete lifecycle management
● Integration with planning and reactive maintenance
● Progress feedback / monitoring

Preventive and reactive maintenance

● Faults and repairs
● Regular scheduled time and meter based preventive maintenance
● PM forecasting and generation
● Capital and Project work
● Administrative and other work
● Multiple work aspects – manpower, materials, services and tasks
● Job pack containing list of tasks, materials and results
● High level visual work planning and resource management
● Detailed visual work scheduling to individual craft level
● Comprehensive payroll-oriented timesheet tracking
● Monitoring and control

Craft skills and certifications

● Hierarchy of skills and certifications
● Multiple skill and certification requirements applicable to physical systems and logical services
● Technician assignment based on appropriate skill set
● Tracking of certification validity and expiry
● Comprehensive certification (re-)validation and renewal

Stores and inventory management

● Catalogue of parts
● Multiple warehouses and bins
● Stores receipts, issues and returns
● Stocktake facility
● Stores transfers and packing slips
● Safety stock and lead time
● Flexible reordering methods
● Multiple suppliers with individual ratings

Purchasing – local and international

● Stores and direct change purchase orders
● Automatic reordering based on stock level and lead time
● Local and international purchase orders
● Automatic currency conversion and rate hedging
● Multi-level authorisation facility
● Tolerance-based invoice matching

Property management

● All of the above functionality is fully applicable to property assets
● Multi-level property hierarchy – from blocks of land and buildings down to individual floors and rooms
● Supports both owned and leased property
● Complete financial details – insurance, rates, charges and taxes
● Tenants register and rental income
● Outgoings and other expenses
● Room reservation and space optimisation
● Generation of rental invoices and tracking of payments
● Operational and capital budget

Fleet management

● All of the functionality above is fully applicable to fleet assets
● Operational and support fleet
● Support for both owned vehicles and leased vehicles
● Complete financial details – insurance, registration and roadside assistance
● Full history of service, refuelling and accidents
● Vehicle availability and potential underutilisation
● GPS tracking and visualisation
● Driver allocation, online reservations

Financials – real-time, multiple cost components and GLs

● Internal GL Transaction framework
● Cost tracking – budget, estimates and actuals
● Multiple cost components – manpower, materials, services, indirect charges
● Double entry bookkeeping – debits and credits
● Each financial transaction such as issues and receipts, invoices and payments, can be configured to generate GL transactions
● Flexible and user-configurable financial business rules
● Complete integrations with the financial system of clients choice – import of GL accounts and export of resultant GL transactions

Domain specific analysis and reporting

● Comprehensive set of built-in interactive on-screen analytical tools
● Rich set of online and printable reports
● Built-in visual interactive report builder for custom ad-hoc reports
● Support for user-designed printable reports

Robust 3rd party integration – internal and external, IoT

● Tight bidirectional integration with other internal systems – financial, payroll, procurement etc.
● Automatic background and interactive user-driven interfaces
● Import / export of GL transactions, invoices and payments, timesheets and leave entitlements
● Optional interfaces to operational and monitoring systems
● Interfaces to external 3rd party systems – suppliers, customers etc.
● Import of price lists, fuel usages, lease charges etc.
● Automatic submission of purchase orders to suppliers and invoices to customers

Multi-dimensional security model

● Controlled access to functional areas and data subsets
● Functional security – full / read-only / no access options
● Data security – users can be limited in their ability to access or edit data subsets based on their geographical location or company department
● Support for single sign-on and AD / LDAP integration

Notifications, alerts and data audit

● Dashboard facility to monitor entire system state with the ability to drill-down to details
● Automatic background sentinels continuously monitor for user-defined conditions with immediate notification
● A rich set of sentinels is provided out-of-the-box and additional sentinels can be defined
● Notifications can appear as interactive prompts, emails and SMS
● Completely user-configurable data auditing – every data entry can be audited for change

Local and cloud deployment options

● Client-server
● Local server via RDP
● Local server via Citrix
● Cloud via RDP
● Cloud via Citrix