Product Summary

The following list is a sample of software products developed by Fielden using object-oriented tools and providing applications with client/server and web-enabled functionality.

All of the software products can operate in a fully open environment and utilise major relational databases such as Oracle, MS-SQL and InterBase.

1. "T32 - Trident" Management System

An asset management, project and operations maintenance system, with multiple local and international installations in the manufacturing, transport, defence and air service industries. The system includes a comprehensive incident and call management module.

2. "T32 - Trifleet" Management System

A rail and fleet management system for control of rolling-stock, locomotives, vehicles and vessels. With multiple installations in the rail, ambulance, and general transport industries.

3. "T32 - Trident" Inventory and Purchasing

This modular system can be used in conjunction with either T32 or "Trifleet", or can be used as an independent system, incorporating bar-coding and "smart chips".

4. "T32 - Trident" - Property Management

This module is utilised in the control and administration of property related assets with full GIS and CAD interface capability. Comprehensive budget and profitability analysis capabilities are provided with this system.

5. Radiology Workflow

The system utilises a voice activation and dictation process to dramatically improve the efficiency of the processing and reporting of patients' radiology results, and the communicating of these results via the internet to referral GPs. The system has been fully integrated with commercially available GP workflow management systems, thus optimising GP’s existing infrastructure and minimising investment.