Report Writer

The report writer provided as an option with all software developments enables the user to easily modify existing reports or customise new reports to meet specific needs.

Data can be integrated from different parts of the application and synthesised into one concise report.

Reports can be formatted automatically (default layout) or simply customised with special titles, subtotals and layouts.

Any customised report can be added to the report menu and become a standard production report.

The flexibility of the report writer makes it ideal for printing special forms such as invoices, purchase orders, mailing labels or even bar codes.

Graphical Reporting

FMS has an optional desktop Executive Information System (EIS), which delivers business performance to the Windows environment. The system allows the user to electronically explore the corporate information data and build custom visual reports with a minimal learning curve. With this EIS system the user has the capability to:

Drill down to access information at any level of detail, by navigating from the "big picture" of the summary data to the underlying detail.
Display graphics for exploration, analysis and reporting.
Freely exchange and combine business dimensions to review your business from a variety of perspectives.
View a variety of facts, trend and exceptions.
Rapidly navigate through large volumes of data.